Sawn timber WW & RW

GSS Trading and Investment is based in India dealing with timber and other related material. We were looking for the lumber for pallet and packaging industry only.. The details are as follows. 3600/4800 x 19 x 90, 4000 CBM 4200 x 19 x 100, 2000 CBM Any length x 100 x...

Sawn Timber RW & WW

“First One Co,” is specializing in the production of blockboards wood, located in Damietta. Damietta is not only the largest furniture producer city in Egypt but also in the entire Middle East and Africa. Our expertise lies in producing various types of...

Sawn timber

We did import sawn timber from Austria from Mayr Melnhof Holz, but thi s was a long time ago, we started the partnership in 1994 and we ended it in 2004.

Sawn timber

Our company, based in the West Bank, Palestine, specializes in distributing construction materials to various companies in the region. A monthly requirement of approximately 2000 cubic meters moving forward.