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Sawn timber (RW)

Czech Republic, Pine, US I-IV, V, Sawn timber

We are thermowood manufacturing company based in Czech Republic and recently we are looking for supplier of Scandinavian pine (pinus sylvestris).

Dimension: 38x125
Length: 3900
Volume: 300 m3
End use: thermopine, beneches, fasades, shelters, bins, etc.
Port of Delivery: Bilovice
Company name: Egoé kovo a.s.
Phone: +420604229127
Earlier experience buying in Nordic: Yes

Sawn timber / RW

Turkey, Pine, US I-IV, Sawn timber

We, Ankara Ahsap, are a company that manufactures, supplies and exports wood products.
You may also visit our website to find out more about us.

Dimension: 19x100
Length: 2700 and up
Volume: 50 m3
End use: Outdoor, Landscaping
Port of Delivery: Gebze, Kocaeli
Company name: Ankara Ahsap
Phone: +905345230509
Earlier experience buying in Nordic: No

Sawn timber WW/RW

Turkey, Pine, Spruce, US I-IV, V, Sawn timber

One of our client in Turkey would like to get timber from Finland. They are selling different variety of timber products.

Dimension: vary
Length: vary
Volume: a container for the begining
End use: Various
Port of Delivery: Izmir
Company name: Moren Endüstriyel hammaddeler
Phone: +905542328675
Earlier experience buying in Nordic: No

Finger jointed for joinery

United Kingdom, Pine, Finger jointed

I am a semi retired Timber Agent but still looking after a number of Joinery Manufacturers
i have an enquiry for finger jointed and laminated Redwood (approx. 60m3 initial order)
Can you put me in touch with a supplier

many thanks

Dimension: 82x82 90x90 plus 27x220
Length: 4.2m
Volume: 60m3
End use: Joinery
Port of Delivery: Hull or Immingham
Company name: Steve Parnaby Timber Agent
Phone: +447912660312
Earlier experience buying in Nordic: Yes

C24 + Sawn Timber RW

Latvia, Pine, Spruce, US I-IV, Planed, Sawn timber, C24

Hello Johanna,
At the moment we are interested in C24 grade material for trade and pine for planning.
Near to May our thermo treatment equipment will be ready for production, then suitable material for thermo treatment will be needed.

Could you please help with contacts or get me in touch with possible C24 grade producers.

Dimension: 35x128, 45x120, 45x145
Length: 3,6...5,4
Volume: 100...200 m3 per month
End use: Thermo treatment, trade
Port of Delivery: Riga
Company name: Wood do
Phone: +371 29172754
Earlier experience buying in Nordic: No

Sawn timber, RW

Egypt, Pine, V, VI, VII, Sawn timber

I am the Purchasing Manager at Royal Timber Co, specializing in the import timber, plywood, veneer, and MDF in the Egyptian market.

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand our supplier network, we are currently looking for reliable sources of timber. Having learned about your esteemed company, we are interested in exploring the possibility of establishing a partnership.

Dimension: 16mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 47mm, 50mm x 75mm, 95mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm
Length: 3900-6000
Volume: 2000-4000 m3 / month
End use: Retail
Port of Delivery: Alexandria
Company name: Royal Timber Company
Phone: +2(100)700 07 10
Earlier experience buying in Nordic: Yes