The essence of the long cooperation between Luvia Sawmill and the Dutch Diderich Houtimport BV is summed up in a simple motto: Let’s agree what will be done and do what’s agreed.

Diderich Houtimport BV is a Dutch company founded by Tom and Mirjam Diderich in 1999, especially focused on the import of Scandinavian sawn and planed goods. The company’s main market is the Netherlands, but trade is also made in Belgium. The love for Scandinavia was ignited already in the beginning of the 90s , when Tom Diderich worked at Finnish and Swedish sawmills. After returning to Netherlands, he continued his work with the products that were already familiar to him at a Dutch importer. Diderich Houtimport BV currently employs three people, but the plan to expand to the Belgian market requires the recruitment of new talent. 

– Everything is now built around me, but we should gradually transit to Diderich Houtimport BV 2.0. – phase. However, we need extra hands to help with this, because even the current numbers fully employ us.

Own product for the Dutch market

Cooperation with Luvia sawmill started with sawn timber soon after the company was founded. It rose to a new level in 2018, when Tom Diderich was presented with a black exterior cladding product manufactured by Luvia.

– The product had also been presented to other importers, but they were not enthusiastic about it. However, I saw the quality and potential of the product and got my foot between the door. A few customers were immediately interested in the product, after which other importers also became interested in it – too late, though, Diderich recalls.

We started with small volumes, but the COVID year doubled the number of deliveries compared to the previous year. Now painted black, the ready-to-install exterior cladding product is manufactured for Diderich Houtimport BV in two different dimensions.

– From our point of view, this is a problem-free and efficient product to manufacture. We have sought common guidelines for quality and operations, and everything has gone flawlessly within them, says Kaisa Tuominen, the Sales Manager of Luvia Sawmill. 

Tom Diderich shares Kaisa’s thoughts. The exterior cladding board, made of Finnish spruce with its own profile, is consistent in quality and similar to what was agreed. In addition to the impeccable painting, the packaging of the product is also excellent.

– I think Luvia is the only one who does this properly. The company clearly owns the whole chain from start to finish.

However, a good product is not everything. Diderich appreciates Luvia’s forthright and flexible way of working and genuine partnership – that business is done together.

– When all parties, including the end customer, benefit, then we can talk about a real partnership. It is also the only way to keep the relationship good.