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Sawn timber manufacturing

Sawn timber manufacturing is a highly automated process. It proceeds in the order of the the process.

After sorting and measuring the log, the actual sawing process begins. Process begins with peeling and continues with demonstration of sawing techniques, sawing machines, saw lines, by-product handling and blade technology. This is followed by fresh sorting, ribbing, drying, dry sorting and packing of lumber.



Timber can be dried in chamber and progressive kilns.

The moisture content of exported dry sawn timber is 20 +4%, but depending on the application, the sawn timber can also be dried according to the customer’s order.



The stamp at the end of the piece, i.e. the shipping mark, indicates its manufacturer and quality. Stamps used by different manufacturers can usually be found on the company’s website.

In strength-graded sawn timber, the pieces are sorted and stamped according to an agreed standard.



The timber is tied with straps and usually wrapped in plastic wrap to protect the pieces during the transfer, transportation and storage stages. The package is marked with product information. The size of the finished package is about 1×1 m. The length of the package depends on the length of the sawn timber.

timber grading

Visual quality and strength

Timber pieces can be sorted according to both visual quality and strength. In quality sorting, a piece is evaluated on the basis of all four sides, as described on grading page. Strength graded timber is used in load-bearing structures.

Strenght grading

Visually or by machine

Structural timber refers to spruce or pine timber that is used for load-bearing structures or part of such a structure and for which there are set minimum strength and elasticity requirements. Structural timber is graded mechanically using different machine vision, X-ray, ultrasonic or natural frequency methods or visually. In visual strength grading, the criteria for determination include the number and location of branches, the twist of the sawn timber piece and cracks. Machine strength grading is based on mechanical measurements of the timber’s density and knots

directive 93/68/ETY

CE Marking

Machine-graded sawn timber must bear the CE marking, which indicates that it complies with a harmonized product standard. The CE-marked product meets the essential safety and health requirements of the Construction Products Directive.


Strength graded timber
Wood panels and cladding
Structural finger-jointed timber
Wooden floors
Wooden electric poles
Windows and doors

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Finnish sawmills can reliably deliver sawn softwood throughout the whole year and as a result our clients can rely on our deliveries and keep their stocks small. In Finland, wood harvesting, sawmills and delivery are run with first-class technology and competence. This secures deliveries regardless of the weather conditions and the time of the year.

The standards of the target country are taken into account in the manufacture of Nordic sawn timber. The goods are delivered quickly and by the shortest route to the customer in accordance with the INCOTERMS delivery terms.



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Wood from Finland is a national promotion program for Finnish sawn timber operated by Business Finland and Finnish Sawmill Association.


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