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Finnish sawmills are experts in delivering excellent wood products to all the corners of the world.

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Certificated products

Finnish sawn timber is produced of excellent certified raw material.

Sawn timber

Sawn timber is type of a wood product, which has been sawn from at least two sides in vertical direction. The visual outlook of the sawn timber determines its quality class. The most important criteria are the size, quantity and placement of knots. Slowly grown Finnish wood produces high-quality straight-grained timber: branches are few, and those that exist are small.

Planed timber

A typical way to further process sawn timber is by planing. Planed timber means all-round planed sawn timber in the shape of a rectangle or planed into defined profiles. The surface should be smooth and there should be no sawing roughness or ridges resulting from the planing. Common uses for planed timber are interior and exterior claddings and floorings.


Laminated timber is a structural wood product made from strips of wood glued together. It is used for load-bearing structures, in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Compared to its own weight, glued laminated timber is stronger than any other building material. Therefore, it is possible to create structures, which have long spans.

Through glue lamination it is possible to make products, which can be utilized in furniture industry or in other decorative end-uses like extra wide edge-glue laminated panels, glued posts for interior or exterior design. It is also possible to glue together pieces of sawn timber and pressure impregnate the posts to be utilized in outdoor construction.  Gluing is improving often also the dimensional stability and risk of shaking can be avoided which would happen if  one piece ex log would be utilized.

Impregnated sawn timber

Impregnated timber is industrially preserved pine timber, which is treated with impregnates preventing rotting and blue-staining. The impregnation process follows strict quality requirements and standards. Impregnation is an efficient way to increase the decay resistance in moist outdoor circumstances, in where impregnated timber lasts 3-5 times longer than unprocessed timber.

Thermally modified timber

Thermal modification improves technical properties of wood. The process is based on the use of high temperature (about 200 C) and steam. Thermally modified timber is manufactured from pine, spruce or deciduous trees. It is non-toxic, dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and resin free material and can be used inside or outdoors, in any climate. ThermoWood® trademark is a sign of wood products manufactured via a process developed in Finland.

EPD of Finnish sawn and planed timber


This environmental product declaration (EPD) is for sawn and planed softwood timber produced by member companies of the Finnish Sawmills Association. 

Wood From Finland

Wood from Finland is a national promotion program for Finnish sawn timber operated by Finnish Sawmill Association.


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