The requirement is that the wood be kiln dried grade and suitable for cable reels manufacturers. I’m looking for someone willing to work for this quantity in the upcoming quarter

Tree specie: Pine / Spruce
Dimension: 9-25 mm x 16-200 mm
Length: 3000-6000 mm
KD: 15 %
Volume: 300 m3 / month

Port of delivery: CIF Jeddah.
End use: cable reels

Do you have earlier experience in buying timber from Nordic countries?: No

Boctorwood is a retail wood company based in the northern district of the Egyptian capital Cairo. We have been established since 1882. It’s a family business and I’m a 4th generation working the same business. We mostly sell our inventory to our local market. Our clients compromise mostly of construction companies and contractors as well as transportation manufacturers. As you are well aware, the prices of wood has been extremely high over the past few years due the incredible global demand. Therefore, local companies have been unfortunately opting to buy Chinese product instead of high quality Finish wood. We have been proud to sell the highest quality wood over the years because we wanted the finished product of our clients to be recognized as the best, however the Chinese supply has interrupted this ambition due to their low priced wood. This has caused many companies to compromise their quality in order to save money. However, I have been researching again for Finish and European product that has the quality we demand and aspire to release in our local market for a competitive price. This is why I have been in contact with you, in order to find new suppliers who could have better pricing and hopefully be competitive against the Chinese supply. I’m aware that his will be difficult even with the best of Finish prices but we hope with our reputation in our local market and the case for prime quality we can still convince clients throughout Egypt to look beyond the low priced Chinese product.

George Boctor