Koskisen is a family business committed to wood. Koskisen’s aim is to grow as a family-owned company by producing higher quality products and services for demanding customers. Our product pallet covers: sawn and further processed timber, plywood, chipboard, birch products and prefabricated houses.

The annual sawn timber production is 380 000 m3 of which ca. 75% spruce and ca. 25% pine. Sawn timber is produced in wide range starting from 16 x 75 mm up to 100 x 225 mm. Own planning mill process abt. 100 000 m3 sawn timber annually for example in products like outdoor and indoor claddings, stress graded construction timber, 4 sides planed items etc. Our outdoor claddings are also available as primed or painted products.

Please find more detailed information from our WEB- pages.

Website: koskisen.com/
Contact: Mr. Jukka Tamminen, jukka.tamminen@koskisen.com