Kuhmo Oy is a dynamic, internationally operating private sawmill. Our annual production is abt. 450 000 m3 of Red- and Whitewood sawn timber (80% redwood / 20% whitewood). Our commitment is in providing high quality products to match customer’s needs by respecting nature. In Kuhmo Oy we produce almost all timber products from standard sizes to tailor made products in compliance with customer requirements. Apart from the important domestic market we are also well represented in Western Europe, North Africa and Far East.

Kuhmo Oy has 2 sawlines. In addition to main log line for big logs, Kuhmo Oy has highly effective small log line designed for small logs. For Chinese market, we are supplying plenty of small diameter sawntimber for planing mills, but also many other products.

Contact: Mr. Matti Sipiläinen, matti.sipilainen@kuhmo.eu / Mr. Pekka Sainio, pekka.sainio@metsantuottajat.fi