Finland is well known for the long traditions in sustainable forest management  The forests provide the Finnish sawmills with excellent certified raw material.

Wood from Finland – program promotes Finnish sawn softwood and its applications in selected market areas and segments. The main objectives of the program is to form new business partnerships between the global timber trade and Finnish companies and, to enhance  the existing mutually beneficial co-operation between business partners.

The best Finnish specialists  with the most relevant technical and commercial expertise are working with the Wood from Finland program and are pleased to share their know-how with potential partners in the timber markets around the world.

The program is implemented in co-operation with Business Finland and the Finnish Sawmills Association.

The Finnish Sawmills Association promotes the interests of the independent sawmill industry. Its membership consists of about 30 companies from all over Finland. Practically all of them are family businesses with a human face.

The Finnish Sawmills Association promotes the business activity of its members by looking after their interests. The Association aims to make the Finnish independent sawmill industry known as one of the most important branches of the national economy and as a profitable and responsible branch based on entrepreneurship and sustainability; and to make sawmills known internationally as reliable and forward-looking partners. The Association monitors changes in the business environment, as well as anticipating and informing about them.


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