Presentations from Wood from Finland Conference 2020


Tommi Sneck, Director, Sawn Timber Industry, Koskisen Oy; Chairman of Finnish Sawmills Association

Climate Change and Wood Products

Peter Lund, Professor, Helsinki University, Vice-chairman of the Finnish Climate Change Panel

Sawmills’ Raw Material Outlook

Paula Horne, Research Director Pellervo Economic Research PTT

The Environment program of Finnish Sawmills

Anniina Kostilainen, Public Relations Manager

Economic Outlook

Tuuli Koivu, Chief Economist Nordea

Nordic Timber – Grading Rules

Mika Lehmonen, Export Manager, Koskisen Oy

International Timber Academy 2020

Esa Mikkonen, Course Director, LAB University of Applied Sciences

Overview and Outlook of Finnish Sawmill Industries

Kai Merivuori, Managing Director, Finnish Sawmills

Global softwood trade Outlook

Antti Koskinen, Senior Consultant, AFRY management consulting

Sawn Softwood Market Outlook, China

Anna Ni, Business Finland / Wood From Finland

Russian Sawmill Industry Update

Alexander Aleksin, Head of Sawn Timber Sales, Company Group VLP

Youtuber HurHur’s direcrtors cut of Finnish Sawmill Industry -videos.