Wood From Finland program includes both sawmills and further processed goods manufacturers.

Number of companies


of Finnish sawn timber exports


Total volume of exported sawn timber by Wood From Finland companies is almost a half of the yearly exports of Finland.

Wood From Finland



The total capasity in planed and further processed goods is 500 000 cubic meters at five mills, from which impregnated timber 100 000 cubic meters per year at two mills. Our goods are PEFC certified, nr. SKH-PEFC-COC-5246. Our main products are: panels for inside use, further processed goods for construction and goods, cottages and furnitures for outside use in gardens and terraces.

Our roots and values originate in forest and wood. Sophisticated and elegant constructions of wood for yard and garden are manufactured by refining Finnish wood.


Contact: Mr. Eero Kettunen,

FM Timber

FM Timber Oy is a privately owned sawmill company  located in Northern Central Finland. Our annual sawn timber production is 180 000 m3 (30/70, Spruce/Pine). At the moment we export 80 % out of our production for 28 countries.

The company has large investment program going which includes new small log line, 100 000 m3 more kilning capacity and new 10 MW heating plant. In addition Fm Timber is increasing planed goods production with its 2 planing lines.

In sawn goods the company specializes to live knotted pine products and special kilning.

Contact: Mikko Luikku,


HASA’s annual capacity is 500 000 cbm of pine and spruce timber. We can offer a wide range of rough sawn timber from 16 mm up to 100 mm thickness and 75 mm up to 275 mm width. Lengths are done in 30 cm modules (2.1 – 5.4 m). MC of our timber varies from kd 8 % up to normal shipping dry. Whitewood sideboards are available in 22×100-200 and 32×100-225. Special sizes and lengths upon request.

We are looking for new business opportunities for redwood and whitewood sawn timber. We are especially interested in the Chinese planing sector, construction component manufacturers, furniture industries and wood impregnators.


Contact: Mr. Jussi Walta,

Iisveden Metsä Oy

Iisveden Metsä Oy has been active since 1924. Throughout our history we have committed ourselves to responsibility towards both the nature and our customers. We strive at being a dependable partner, both in our raw material sourcing and towards our clients.

Our annual production is ca 150 000 m3 of spruce sawn timber. We are specialised in customer-oriented production. Our product range comprises mainly fix lengths (4.0/4.5/5.1/5.4m) and also special dimensions. We are located in the finest spruce area of Finland, which enables us to offer a highest quality of timber for discerning clients. We are looking for end-users and importers that appreciate high quality sawn timber.


Contact: Mr. Pekka Sainio

Isojoen Saha

Isojoen Saha Oy is a family-owned sawmill company which, during its 70 year history, has become an important player both in the domestic and international markets. The company consumes 300 000 cubic meters of Nordic PEFC certified softwood logs from Finnish forests on a modern, fully automized, production line.

Major part of our 150 000m3 production of spruce and pine (60%/40%) is tailor made to our customer’s needs. We have always aimed forward, seen the challenges and had the courage to tackle them. We continue on the selected and proven path, betting strongly on quality, punctuality, close co-opetation and trust of our customers.


Contact: Mr. Timo Seilo

JPJ-Wood Oy

JPJ-Wood Oy is a private, family-owned sawmill located in the municipality of Juupajoki in the Pirkanmaa region. We have 25 years of experience in producing sawn planed timber mainly for export.

Around 50 % of the saw-timber trees we use as a raw material are processed into sawn timber, which is typically used in construction and can be further processed to produce different products such as furniture. Wood is often used to replace non-renewable materials in different applications. Sawn timber also enables long-term carbon storage. 100 % of the by-products from our production are allocated to other processed products and bioenergy.


Contact: Mr. Pauli Aaltonen,

Junnikkala Oy

Junnikkala is like its raw material: located up north, grown long and strengthened of experience.

For six decades, the know-how has been passed on from generation to generation, combined with courage and innovation, as well as large-scale investments.

We are proud of our family-owned company´s biggest investment in the history: our brand-new sawmill in Oulu has started its production in 2024 and will double our annual production volume to 700.000 m³.

We produce both pine and spruce sawn timber according to our customer´s needs.

Timber products are always finished in terms of moisture, quality, length and dimensions to meet the customer’s wishes and to be perfectly suitable for the end use.

Annual sawn timber volume: 700,000 M3
Further processed / planed: 80,000 M3


Contact: Mr. Veli-Matti Junnikkala

Keitele Group

Keitele Group is one of the leading private wood products manufacturers in Finland. We have a strong focus on growing our business. Keitele has three sawmills: Keitele with capacity of 500.000 cbm, Kemijärvi 300.000 cbm and Alajärvi 300.000 cbm. We utilise Finnish, high-quality raw material by sawing and further processing it in line with the needs of our clients.

Our main product groups are sawn timber (75% Redwood, 25% Whitewood), structural gluelam and planed goods. We are known for our on time deliveries and good quality. We control the whole supply chain from the forest to ready product and delivery. We are ISO 14001 and PEFC certified.


Contact: Mr. Saku Pänkäläinen

Koskisen Oyj

Quality has a name. Koskisen.  Koskisen is one the largest wood products companies in Finland. Our product pallet includes among others following productions: sawn timber, planed goods, primed / painted outdoor claddings, plywood, chipboard. The annual sawn timber output is about 380 000 m3 of spruce and pine spices, spruce being the dominating one. Both spruce and pine products are available either PEFC CS, PEFC 100% or FSC CW certified.
Our goal is to find deeper understanding of new markets with their needs and business cultures. We trust to be able to provide reliable delivery and service experiences for our current long-term customers as well as for new customers.


Contact: Mr. Jukka Tamminen

Kuhmo Oy

Kuhmo Oy is a dynamic, internationally operating private sawmill. Our commitment is in providing high quality products to match customer’s needs by respecting nature. In Kuhmo Oy we produce almost all timber products from standard sizes to tailor made products in compliance with customer requirements. Apart from the important domestic market we are also well represented in Western Europe, North Africa and Far East. Kuhmo Oy is looking for reliable long term partners in China and Far-East.

Kuhmo Oy at glance:
Production 600 000 m3
Sales to over 30 countries worldwide
Specialized in small log production


Contact: Mr. Matti Sipiläinen / Mr. Pekka Sainio,

Kurikka Timber

Kurikka Timber is a Europe’s leading manafacturer of joinery components. Our product range includes finger-jointed, solid-wood and gluelam components. Our customers consist of companies working in the carpentry and joinery industries across Europe, and 90 % ouf our production is exported.

We are known first and foremost for our flexibility, customer-orientation and quality. The degree of quality´is quaranteed by our own testing and product development laboratory. Our products have Danish Window Certificate (DVC) and SP Trätek certification. Our sole raw material is high-quality Finnish pine, the properties of which are ideal for the manufacturing of joinery products. We are Finland’s biggest industrial user of sawn pine timber. Our operations are FSC- and PEFC-certified.


Contact: Mr. Jaakko Kurikka,

Oy Lunawood Ltd

Oy Lunawood Ltd is a pioneer and global market leader of decorative wood solutions. We love the forest, its untamed freedom, and its incomparable strength. Our mission is to reconnect nature with people in urban environments.  We make the soothing effect of the forest available to all.

Our two mills in Finland transform the very best Nordic pine and spruce into beautiful and long-lasting Thermowood. It is the ideal foundation and the perfect material for an ecological and healthy way of designing, building, and living.

Lunawood was founded in year 2001. Today, we employ 140 professionals in Finland, at our production units in Iisalmi and Kaskinen, as well as at our head office in Lahti and in main export markets. Our turnover in 2021 was EUR 75 million. The company’s annual production is approximately 160,000 m3, majority of the production is exported.


Contact: Mrs. Maija Masalin,

Luvian Saha Oy

Luvian Saha Oy is one of the largest sawmills in Finland. We produce annually 300 000 m3 sawn goods, spruce and pine, and approx. 40 000 m3 planed and painted wooden products.

We are using modern technology in our processes. We are located in Western Finland close to export harbours. We offer high quality sawn goods, both in spruce and pine, planed timber, wooden floorings and also painted exterior claddings.

In Asian market we are looking for new customers, who appreciate the excellent quality of northern sawn goods, regular deliveries and long-term co-operation. Sustainability and good customer experience are key values in our processes.


Contact: Mr. Heikki Hippi


PrimaTimber is a family owned company and part of the Iivari Mononen Group. Our product portfolio consists of high quality planed and processed spruce and pressure treated pine timber. The raw material we use is PECF certified, and all our processes are ISO certified. We also have a quality certificate for pressure treated wood granted by the Nordic Wood Protection Council (NTR).

As a family owned company, we value and believe in reliability, responsibility and high standard of work. We are looking for reliable long-term business partners for our wide range of products, especially for pressure treated timber. With PrimaTimber products you can enjoy long-lasting results.


Contact: Mr. Joni Nousiainen

Pölkky Oy

Pölkky Oy is the largest private wood processing company in Northern Finland with 700 000 m3 annual production of hight quality lumber. 80% of our output is pine and 20% spruce. We can offer a wide range of further processed wood products both for construction and interior decor, even a full set of wooden products for wood houses. Pölkky is exporting to over 40 countries around the world. Our main markets are North Africa, Far East and EU.

We can offer high quality Spruce and Pine sawn timber, Planed Spruce and Pine S4S, Profile boards Ceilings and Floorings, Impregnated S4S and deckings, Glulam, Loghouses, Components for wooden frame houses. Good service, reliable and flexible deliveries.


Contact: Mr. Ville Liimola

Vaara Group

Vaara Group is family-owned and Lapland-based wood producer from Finland. The company’s total production annually is approximately 80,000 m3 and we serve our export customers all over the world. Vaara Group focuses on the production of painted exterior cladding products, planed timber and non-settling CLT log. All these products are made from durable and high-quality northern spruce and pine.

Life from Wood. It means that our roots run deep in the northern soil, and we believe that sustainably managed forests are the starting point for high quality wood products now and in the future. That’s why we take care of the valuable raw material right from the sapling stage. Our products are also PEFC- and FSC-certificated.

Contact: Mr. Jukka Vaara, CEO


Westas Group is a privately-owned sawmilling company located in western Finland. Its subsidiaries are Raunio and Pihlava sawmills. The group’s sawmills produce approximately 450 000 m3 of spruce and pine sawn goods annually for construction, furniture, and other further processing needs. Straightforward, flexible and efficient production are cornerstones of the customer-oriented operations.

The company purchases approximately 1 300 000 m2 of wood rawmaterials from private forest owners and certified Finnish forests. Westas Group sells its products to over 30 countries.


Contact: Mr. Pekka Kopra

Wood From Finland

Wood from Finland is a national promotion program for Finnish sawn timber operated by Finnish Sawmill Association.


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